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Successful Businessmen and Celebrities that wear Cufflinks

Posted on August 07, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Successful Businessmen and Celebrities that wear Cufflinks     When you talk about jewelry worn by gentlemen, the thing that instantly comes to your mind is cufflinks. In fact, the unauthorized dress code of Wall Street approves cufflinks besides watches and rings as the appropriate form of jewelry for men. Watch a movie based on the Wall Street or a red carpet event and you will get a glimpse of some of the stylish gentlemen celebrities sporting attractive cuff links, like the Elite & Luck Sterling Silver Cufflinks or the gem studded ones you find today.

     In the world of Hollywood and business, men often make a style statement with the cufflinks they wear. Here is a little interesting information about celebs who are often seen donning cufflinks.

The Name is Bond

Pierce Brosnan with his cufflinks     Whoever plays agent 007, wears a suit with some of the finest cuff links you can find in the market. Actors who portrayed the role of the stylish British Agent James Bond in movies seem to carry that class even in real life. Pierce Brosnan for one is a bond hero who always wears cufflinks when he is in suit and tie. Brosnan has been seen in suits on screen right from his Remington Steele days. He has continued to maintain the "classy guy" image in real life since then and wears some of the most stylish cuffs even today.

Mr. Cool - George Clooney

George Clooney with his cufflinks     How often do you see George Clooney in anything but a suit - very rarely (not considering The Descendants). The "Mr. Cool", as he is often called by his fans, is an epitome of style and elegance that he carries so well in any attire. But as many other charming celebrity gentlemen, Clooney is at his best in suit and tie, and his choice of stylish cufflinks that add class to his attire. Like many other celebrities, George Clooney prefers designer cufflinks which you can see him sporting often.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt with his cufflinks     You don’t often see the hunk of "Troy" in suits. But Brad Pitt maintains his sense of dressing style wherever he is. Whether it is in the US, or in a tropical country, Brad Pitt prefers to be dressed in suits and wear cuff links. Pitt is known to have asked for hand-made luxury cuff links to be flown to him from the US back when he was touring India. If you want to look as hot as Brad in a suit, try the Designer Cufflinks by Elite & Luck when you put on a suit and tie.

Ronald Reagan Made Cufflinks Cool

Ronald Reagan with his cufflinks     People don’t remember President Ronald Reagan for the cufflinks he wore. But he wore cufflinks in style and in colors that made people take notice of them. Many believe that it was Reagan who brought cufflinks back into the game when many thought they were out of fashion.

Wall Street Style

     When you go to work in Wall Street, you don’t wear a bow tie. You wear a suit with tie and formal cufflinks. Classic cufflinks are the best when you want to add class to your attire, and not really show off. Elite & Luck Cufflinks for men include classic cufflinks collections that you can put on for style or pure luck.

 Leonardo Dicaprio with his cufflinks in movie "The wolf of wall street".

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