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Cufflinks – Being a True Gentleman

Posted on August 14, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Cufflinks – Being a True Gentleman     You probably have seen some men or even younger men wearing cufflinks on their sleeves at work or somewhere in a formal party instead of regular buttons. Moreover, if you look precisely, the cufflinks they wear sometimes vary from one person to another. But since most men rarely have occasion to dress up to the point of wearing French cuffs, noticing this not-so-new thing sometimes can leave a question mark on your head.

     As in formal social settings, it is much more appropriate for men to wear cuff links without giving as much thought to event. During formal social events, like galas, weddings, receptions, parties, and balls, men should feel at liberty to wear cuff links. However, lately, when men are invited to a party requiring a formal dress code, they tend to concentrate on the other items of their formal attire but cufflinks. Not many men nowadays know that this small simple item could make a great difference in their appearance. Some even say that the cufflinks only take the place of buttons to fasten the cuffs together while actually, they are not. A cuffed shirt and a set of signature cufflinks became a characteristic mark of a true, modern gentleman; and cufflinks started to commonly appear at the wrists of men outside the immediate aristocracy.

    In terms of variety, there are various kinds of cufflinks as cufflink’s materials, styles and designs have certainly varied according to available technologies or fashion trends. First, cufflinks can be manufactured from a variety of different materials, such as glass, stone, leather, metal, precious metal or combinations of these. While the designs range from the simple and classic square and oval links to the contemporary and sometimes funny designs. Some cufflinks are decorated with luxurious diamonds and precious stones to give a more sophisticated look. But regardless of whether they take the form of chain links, stamped silver, cut steel, or sapphire encrusted platinum, the donning of cufflinks is still an act that can truly transform a suit into one’s own.

     While about the differences in choosing which cufflinks to wear, you would be able to see someone’s status, position or reputation from their choice of cufflinks. If you happen to see a man with luxurious gemstones cufflinks, you can group the person into ‘The Boss’ category or in another meaning, someone who has high status in their business with decision making powers.

     On the other hand, it’s sometimes said that a man should never buy his own cufflinks, but that they should always be gifts meant to mark an occasion. This is surely a custom that harkens back to the cufflink’s medieval history, to the time when they were made almost exclusively as items meant to commemorate royal affairs. Therefore, if you are a lady looking for romantic gifts for him, decent-looking cufflinks should be into your consideration list. Surely this could be a wonderful gift. Even a famous celebrity, Brad Pitt, The 50-year-old actor, whose film 12 Years a Slave took home three awards, including Best Picture at the Oscars, decided to wear tuxedo buttons and diamond cufflinks, a gift from his beloved, Angelina Jolie to the big show.

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