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How to Match Gemstone Cufflinks with your Suit and Necktie

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

How to Match Gemstone Cufflinks with your Suit and Necktie     What can be more regal than a formal suit paired with cufflinks? The answer is a formal suit worn with a pair of gemstone cufflinks. Now men’s cufflinks with the simplest of designs can add much oomph to formal outfits, but when you wear cufflinks that are made with gemstones you can easily find yourself in the company of power dressers. Now just buying cufflinks is not enough. How to wear men’s cufflinks well-matched with your attire is the key to elite dressing.

Men’s cufflinks for formal wear

Amethyst Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium plated, Classic Model     A classic men’s suit in black paired with a white shirt is an open palette to experiment with gemstone cufflinks. All colors blossom on a white surface. Imagine amethyst cufflinks in sterling silver – the violet lighting up the white shirt.

Amethyst + Black Onyx Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rose Gold plated, Prestige Model     Violet also goes well with black. Now all this attire needs is a necktie in violet or lavender and you are all set to garner attention. Another winning combination with this look is cufflinks made of amethyst and black onyx. With simple tweaks you can change the look entirely.

Crystal Quartz + Black Onyx Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium plated, Prestige Model     Wear black or grey tie and change your cufflinks to onyx and crystal quartz. This black and white gemstone combination in sterling silver can enrich any outfit. So a simple black suit can be used to create different looks by just changing the color of the tie and matching it with a luxury cufflink.

Color coding men’s cufflinks

Labradorite Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Black Rhodium & Rhodium plated, Limited Model     But what if the shirt color is not white? Fret not; matching outfit colors with cufflinks is a matter of aesthetics. Wear sterling silver cufflinks made with Lapis Lazuli with a grey suit, a light blue shirt and checkered tie in different shades of blue. The vibrant blue of Lapis Lazuli works well with grey and all shades of blue.

Lemon Quartz + Black Onyx Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold plated, Prestige Model     So match the colors of your tie and the cufflink gemstone .Work magic with your yellow tie matched with cufflinks in Golden Rutile Quartz or with Lemon Quartz. The yellows match but not entirely. For added bonus mix the yellow of the cufflink with a contrasting gemstone like black onyx or instead of sterling silver go for 18K gold. For patterned neckties or shirts, pick one color from the print and match it to your cufflink gemstone.

Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium plated, Classic Model     For shirts and ties in shades of brown wear cufflinks set in gold. Shades of black such as Smoky Quartz or Black Onyx will compliment the browns of the outfit. Even luxury cufflinks made with Tiger’s Eye and set in gold is suited for browns.

Breaking style rules with men’s cufflinks

     Menswear has drastically changed in the last two decades. Men are wearing more color; even those colors which were once considered very feminine or a complete no-no for men. Though royal men with their ornamental outfits have always worn every color, menswear in the twentieth century became limited to a few solid colors. Thankfully color has entered menswear again and cufflinks for men in gemstone add more colors. So pair a white shirt and grey suit with a pink tie and cufflinks in softer hues of Rose Quartz or Crystal Quartz set in rose gold.

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