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How to Enhance your Desired Luck by Wearing Gemstone Cufflinks?

Posted on September 05, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

How to Enhance your Desired Luck by Wearing Gemstone Cufflinks?
     There are a lot of people who believe in the healing qualities of gemstones and precious metals. There are many ancient oriental texts that claim the extraordinary impact such elements can have on the user’s body by aligning positive energy and getting rid of the negative energy. And what is luck, but the correct flow of positivity and good humor.

Gemstones and precious stones for men

     It is relatively simple for women to wear and carry off gemstones as pieces of jewelry. But it is not so simple for men. There are not many ways in which they can incorporate the right kind of gems or precious metals in their day-to-day attire, except maybe in the form of engagement rings. For men who have identified the lucky gemstones for themselves either based on their zodiac signs or by simple intuition can now wear them in a subtle manner with gemstone cufflinks available in a wide range at Elite & Luck.

     Cufflinks are needed with French shirts as it adds a hint of style, panache and masculinity. The gemstone cufflinks adds that extra bit of luck that you are looking for. Got an important meeting or a special date that means a lot to you? Wear one of Elite & Luck’s gemstone cufflinks and carry your charm and luck with you wherever you go.

Different gemstones and their benefits

     There are many kinds of gemstones that are available, but all of them have specific qualities that can help you in specific areas of your life. So choose wisely. Here is a list of a few gemstones with special powers they have on the user’s behavior which is the ultimate factor that decides the kind of energies attracted.

Elite & Luck Amethyst Cufflinks for men- Amethyst – Amethyst is the stone for mental peace, steady mind and is associated with the attainment of wisdom. It is a stone that equips the user with intuition and can assist in getting rid of addictions. Amethyst is also good for business and initiates prosperity.

Elite & Luck Black Onyx Cufflinks for men- Black Onyx – This gemstone is known to deflect negativity and help create a positive aura for the wearer. It strengthens determination and helps fructify hard work. People wanting to increase their power and accumulate wealth are often advised to wear black onyx.

Elite & Luck Black Rutile Quartz Cufflinks for men- Black Rutile quartz – Known to accentuate healing, black rutile quartz helps a person get to the foundation of the problem. It helps the wearer attain recognition, which has the potential to be converted into wealth and prosperity.

Elite & Luck White Agate Cufflinks for men- Agate – Agate is the stone for protection from bad luck, bad dreams, stress, negativity and other things that brings a person down. The stone helps in creating equilibrium and is known to empower hidden talents. Accumulate treasure and prosperity by wearing this gemstone.

     Other gemstones like Blue Topaz, Gibeon Meteorite, Kyanite, and Lapis Lazuli also have powers to bring happiness and luck to your life.

     Elite & Luck offers a wide range of luxury cufflinks for men. Choose one with the gemstone that will best work for you and see your stars change.

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