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Occasions to Wear Cufflinks

Posted on September 16, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Occasions to Wear Cufflinks
     Cufflinks have been an essential part of men's attire for ages and the early ones were fashioned out of shells and metals for the simple purpose of holding cuff sleeves together. With the evolution in men’s fashion and changing tastes of discerning buyers, cufflinks have now become a fashion accessory. Cufflinks are now custom designed by boutique jewelry brands and designers in gold and silver and embellished with precious stones on order by fashion conscious men. The current trend is tilted towards silver cufflinks which are embedded with both precious and semi-precious stones to enhance their appearance.

     Cufflinks can be used for a number of family oriented informal gatherings and also for formal official meetings and black tie events as stated below:

Wearing Cufflinks at Weddings and family events- Weddings and family events – The perfect occasions to show off your style and taste for good things in life are weddings of family, friends and colleagues where you can wear cufflinks with intricate designs or with monogrammed initials designed in semi precious stones and set in sterling silver or gold. Designer cufflinks by Elite and Luck have been specifically fashioned for weddings where women show their bling by jewelry and men can do their bit by wearing exclusive cufflinks with precious and semi-precious stones, set in intricate designs.

Wearing Cufflinks at Client meetings and business meetings- Client meetings and business meetings – For formal meetings, it is advisable to present a demeanor of confidence and elegance. Cufflinks should also present that image when worn with an elegant suit. Elite and Luck Men’s Cufflinks have cufflinks specially suited for formal occasion embedded with single stones which can match the wearer’s coat for a touch of style. Executives and CEO’s can wear exclusive model or prestige model cufflinks for men from Elite and Luck for their business meetings to present company image.

Wearing Cufflinks at Job interview and office presentation- Job interview and office presentation – These are occasions when you have to put your best foot forward and present yourself as a trustworthy individual who can be entrusted with critical responsibilities. During these occasions designer cufflinks made out of solid color gemstones like quartz and onyx or encrusted with single pearls give an aura of confidence and power.

Wearing Cufflinks at Black tie events and office get-togethers- Black tie events and office get-togethers  These semi-formal events give men the liberty of trying out fashionable accessories that emphasize a person’s overall appearance and image they wish to depict. Sterling silver cufflinks with semi precious stones like tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, quartz, and mother of pearl transform a simple looking man to a debonair and suave executive with a sense of style.

Wearing Cufflinks at Social events and galas - Social events and galas – If you are interested in wearing gemstones for luck or good health, then invest in a few pairs of gemstone cufflinks according to your zodiac sign or birthday. Since these are made of bright stones which will be unsuitable for formal occasions, you can wear gemstone cufflinks made out of varied stones like amethyst, quartz, agate, topaz, labradorite, lapis lazuli, meteorite, and mother of pearl. Remember to wear cufflinks which are similar in color to your tuxedo or suit so your dress sense does not appear too loud or garish.

     Even though the younger generation prefers to keep their dressing on a casual level and chooses simple button downs shirts but for formal occasions an elegant pair of luxury cufflinks adds a touch of class and maturity.

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