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Choosing Cufflinks as Unusual Gifts for Men

Posted on September 19, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Choosing Cufflinks as Unusual Gifts for Men
     The use of cufflinks as a fashion accessory of men dates to the early 18th century, when Louis XIV used silken strings to tie-up the buttonholes on his shirts. These were slowly replaced by buttons with slim chains to keep both the sleeves together. Fashion conscious men experimented by using miniature figurines in enamel and gold with portraits, which later morphed into metal button-type designs which could easily fit in the buttonholes. Such figurines make a man appear dapper, even to this day. Men in uniform have worn cufflinks more often than others as it is an essential part of their wardrobe. If you are contemplating on a gift for a man you love and respect,
Elite & Luck Silver Men’s cufflinks are the ideal and one of the most unusual gifts.

Ideal way to wear cufflinksFrench shirts are best suited for wearing both gemstone and sterling silver cufflinks as they are visible neatly out of the coat sleeves. There are certain shirt designs which have holes specially designed for cufflinks, instead of buttons, to close the ends of the sleeves. For official and formal occasions, it is best to wear unadorned cufflinks in silver, gold or other metals. Family and informal occasions which give leverage for trying out unusual dressing can be a great place to show your latest acquisition of luxury gemstone cufflinks embedded with precious and semiprecious stones. If you are the kind who feels that cufflinks cannot be worn for casual parties, you would be surprised at the quirky designs which are now available for every occasion that can make unusual gifts for men.

Rise and fall of Cufflinks From the Victorian time still the early 19th century, men have been wearing cufflinks which slowly fell out of fashion in Europe after people started adopting the casual style of the Duke of Windsor. His dislike for starched sleeves and love for short sleeved sport shirts made cufflinks almost redundant and men in Europe and the United States, until recently, wore cufflinks only with formal and evening wear. Cufflinks are now worn in varied colors to match watchband or tie and enhance the tone of wearer’s outfit.

Lucky gemstone cufflinks Now that cufflinks have become a popular fashion accessory for men and women alike, they can wear them to adorn their birthstones, which is believed to be a means of maintaining physical and mental health. Luxury gemstone cufflinks set in silver, gold, black metal, brass, now adorn shirtsleeves of men and women at formal occasions. Besides bringing mental peace and harmony, gemstones also attract positive energy, bringing wealth and prosperity.

     Cufflinks are now increasingly being worn by the younger generation irrespective of class and financial backgrounds and are available in varied price ranges with designs that run from sophisticated to quirky and weird. The trend of offering cufflinks gifts for men has also inspired a book on this interesting piece of accessory which has nearly 2000 illustration from illustrious fashion houses like Faberge, Cartier, Tiffany, Jean Schlumberger and Alexander Calder. So if you need to decide upon an out-of-the-ordinary gift for that special man in your life, a pair of luxury cufflinks will surely do the trick.

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