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Trendy Silver Men’s Cufflinks

Posted on September 26, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Trendy Silver Men’s Cufflinks     If you think cufflinks are only meant for formal occasions like weddings and job interviews or those black tie events to make men look stuffy and pompous, you are sadly mistaken. Well-dressed men have discovered that cufflinks are an essential part of social dressing and that they create an aura of success and wealth. Elite & Luck Silver Men’s cufflinks with semi-precious stones are suitable for every occasion. Cufflink designs have undergone a sea of change since the time they were first worn during 17th century, when long shirt sleeves were in fashion. Varied designs and materials have been used since then like shells, plastic, enamel, and brass, followed by precious metals like gold and silver.

     If you are still not sure that trendy silver cufflinks make a difference to a man’s wardrobe, we can give you interesting reasons to try them on which we are sure will make you a die-hard fan of cufflinks! Here is why silver cufflinks must be a part of your wardrobe.

Women love cufflinksWomen love them – You would be surprised to know just how many women like cufflinks on a man at family functions and large events. This is because cufflinks are known to stand for class and elegance. Women's obsession over men in uniform is met only by their obsession over men in cufflinks, as these are the badges of a successful businessman or a professional. Designer cufflinks with subtle crystal quartz and black mother of pearl embedded within rhodium or silver enhance a man’s dapper exterior, both at casual and format gatherings.

Cufflinks give an appearance of wealthCufflinks give an appearance of wealth – All of us remember the James Bond series and other gangster movies where men wore Sterling silver cufflinks with their monogramed initials or mysterious symbols which depicted them as men of wealth and power. If a man is wearing a coat with shirt sleeves adorned with cufflinks and is rolling greens in a bar or casino, he will get more attention than a man in casual jeans and shirt rolling the same kind of money.

Cufflinks are stylish and funCufflinks are stylish and fun – Premium cufflink designs in silver and gold plating with semi-precious gemstones embedded in them are available in square, oval, and circle shapes for discerning buyers of good tastes who can easily order them from online stores. When you arrive at formal occasions like job interviews or office meetings wearing cufflinks, it gives others an impression that you give importance to the event and they will respect you for it.

     Social researchers Nissenson and Jonas were pleasantly surprised during a recently concluded survey that cufflinks, which were considered an extinct and obsolete item in men’s fashion, are very much in demand and are now available in various shapes. Cufflinks are now made of human hair, shells and various other materials to meet people’s demands. Though the disappearance of starched shirt sleeves has reduced the demand for cufflinks, they are still in fashion for formal and semi-formal occasions and now come in animal shapes and other innovative designs like horseshoes, racing cars, anchors, flowers and even devils!

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