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Top Careers that Wear Cufflinks

Posted on October 10, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Top Careers that Wear Cufflinks
     Wearing cufflinks can increase the fashion quotient by a notch, irrespective of social status. Men are aggressively competitive and in fields like military, finance, business, and law, they display sartorial elegance with sterling silver cufflinks. In their desire to outclass colleagues in official circles and social gatherings, men opt for accessories like Elite & Luck’s cufflinks for professionals to compliment their well tailored suits and shoes. In the ongoing debate about cufflinks being an out-of-fashion accessory, we can say that cufflinks are as essential as heels for women, in completing a man’s formal look irrespective of the occasion and position.

Complimenting professional career with cufflinks

Complimenting professional career with cufflinks
     Men in high profile careers like finance, legal, military, fashion and entertainment, architecture, medicine, business executive, and information technology can wear a wide variety of Men’s Cufflinks by Elite & Luck fashioned out of sterling silver, and gemstones. Matching plain, striped or checked shirts with appropriate a pair of cufflinks speaks of your smart dressing skills.

Cufflinks for Financial careerFinancial career Men in banking and finance need to be as formally dressed as men in uniforms and a pair of Elite and Luck professional cufflinks provide the right touch. Interns and juniors in investment banking might want to stay away from cufflinks as they would appear a bit too pretentious. But when an intern moves up the career path to become a middle management executive or more superior, then a pair of subtle sterling silver cufflinks or in plain gold will send the right signal of a man in control of circumstances. Wall Street men look dapper in both three piece and two piece suits with smart ties and formal shoes and for them a pair of cufflinks will provide a hint to their good taste. Being a man of finance, you are expected to be a sharp person with a sense of style. This is emphasized by a collection of elegant cufflinks in silver or simple gemstones. 

Cufflinks for Men of lawMen of law in cufflinks In a professional setting like a court, where presentation and appearance can decide the fate of a case, men of law have to put their best foot forward. In these circumstances Elite & Luck Luxury Cufflinks for professionals, with eye catching gemstones encircled in sterling silver or rhodium, provide an aura of power whether you are arguing for a just cause or trying to put a criminal behind bars.

Cufflinks for Formal military menFormal military men in cufflinks Men in uniform are always smartly dressed, be it a casual or official occasion. Cufflinks for men in a uniform are best when they are fashioned out of metals like sterling silver encrusted with gemstones. Irrespective of their ranks, military men have a tendency to match each other at social events in formal wear from head to toe. 

Cufflinks for Entertainment and fashionEntertainment and fashionMen and women in the field of entertainment set trends in fashion for the whole world to follow. Now you can buy a wide variety of cufflinks for men in entertainment with gemstones, 18K Yellow Gold or Rose Gold plated designs. To demonstrate success and professionalism, these men wear gold plated sterling silver cufflinks which will them give an aura of competence and power. 

Cufflinks for Style conscious men of medicineStyle conscious men of medicinePeople generally expect men of medicine to be too busy in treating and operating on their patients to bother with formal or casual fashion wear. However, even they are men with families and social obligations and have to hold their own in a professional environment. Men’s Cufflinks by Elite & Luck provide just the right choice of simple yet elegant accessories.

Cufflinks for Architecture and designArchitecture and design Architects designing a building on paper or standing at a construction site inspecting work under progress, have to appear confident and in charge of circumstances. In their line of work, professionalism is as important as presentation and career cufflinks provide the right outlook to elite dressing. Men’s cufflinks with gemstones or in plain sterling silver or gold plated designs make an architect look dapper and comfortable in both formal and casual settings.

Cufflinks for Dapper business ownerDapper business owner The businessmen shown on television and in movies wear cufflinks as they are a part of their attire. A businessman’s success is defined in the way he carries himself and his dressing style which can make him look either distinguished or flashy. Sterling silver cufflinks in different designs as fruits, animals or simple initials emphasize a man’s success and importance. Whether you are at a business meeting or a formal presentation or even entertaining business associates a stylish pair of cufflinks give a sense of sophistication to your overall appearance. While women can flaunt their jewelry and get appreciated for it, men have to keep their accessories subtle to fit into impeccable persona so that they appear as a miniature detail. While trying out Men’s Cufflinks by Elite & Luck in beautiful gemstones for a business meeting, ensure that they match your suit and shirt and add a final touch to the complete outfit.

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