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Different Kinds of Mens Cufflinks

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Different Kinds of Mens Cufflinks
     Most men run out of ideas when trying to look stylish. Beyond selecting high quality material and choosing between assorted styles, color, and fit, they find it difficult to pick out something that would make them stand out from the crowd. However, one of the most effective ways for men to stand out in a formal setting wearing a dress shirt would be the choice of cufflinks on their shirt. It is the first thing that comes to mind when accessorizing. There are mainly six types of cufflinks and you can pick out any type that you like that suits the occasion, be it work or a social setting:

Bullet Back Closures

Elite & Luck Bullet Back Closures Cufflinks     This kind of cufflink is the most commonly found and is also the simplest to wear. It has a torpedo-shaped hook, capsule, or bullet that can be swiveled up to 360 degrees, making it very easy to push through the holes of the button. The hook can then be turned back, which secures it in its position. That’s why this cufflink is very easy to use and is the favorite among a lot of men.

Fixed backing

Elite & Luck Fixed backing Cufflinks     This type of cufflink is very much an extension of the link. Here, the backing and the cufflink post is one singular fixture and is placed on the back of the link face. This cufflink remains stationary and is also a little difficult to insert into the button hole and depends a lot on the contour of the backing. In the long run, this style lives longer as there are no moving parts. This kind of cufflinks comes in reversible assortments and has a design on both the sides, enabling you to switch from one side to the other.

Chain Link

Chain Link Cufflinks     This is the most avant-garde cufflink design. Here, the cufflink's two sides are united together with the help of a chain. These cufflinks requires a lot more agility and manual dexterity to wear. The major benefit of the chain link design is the presence of something very fascinating on either side of the cuff. It is also quite flexible, which makes it loose and comfortable. This particular design also comes in double-faced varieties.

Whale Back Closure

Whale Back Closure Cufflinks     This type of cufflink comes with a continuous post and an even “whale tail” connected to it at the end. The whale tail closure turns even against the post and can be easily inserted into the holes. It then turns back horizontally and secures it in its correct position.

Ball Return

Ball Return Cufflinks     These cufflinks comes in both fixed as well as chain link styles. It is preferred by many as it looks a lot more attractive.

Silk Knot

Silk Knot Cufflinks     This type of cufflink is either made of silk or yarn and is normally worn on non-formal events.

     You have to be very careful while buying. As certain cufflinks can look loud and tacky and may take the attention away from your outfit.

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