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Choosing Elite & Luck Cufflinks For the Wedding Day

Posted on October 23, 2014 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Choosing Elite & Luck Cufflinks For the Wedding Day
     Cufflinks can add a sophisticated charm to the groom's outfit and complete the look on the big day. In some cases the cufflinks are given to the groom by the father or the father-in-law as a wedding gift tradition. Either way picking cufflinks for groom is a tricky affair, so here are some basics on choosing them

How to choose cufflinks?

Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium plated, Classic Model    Whether you're typically a fan of novelty cufflinks or classic Sterling silver cufflinks, make sure that you pick cufflinks that complement your outfit well on your wedding day. You can color coordinate it with the bride's accessories or even the wedding theme! Wedding cufflinks by Elite & Luck give you a plethora of collections to choose from.

Golden Rutile Quartz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold plated, Classic Model     You want to make sure that you pick cufflinks that are wedding-appropriate. Say you've planned to wear a white shirt for the wedding, then see to it that you pick something subtle and elegant, rather than a pair of eye-popping novelty cufflinks. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't go bling; a pair of gemstone cufflinks can neatly bring together your outfit. Say you're celebrating your big day in a beach destination, you could pick some Blue Topaz cufflinks that reflect the azure shores around. Gold plated cufflinks are well-suited as they can last for a long time; and may even be passed down to your sons in the coming ages.

Baby Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium & 18K Yellow Gold plated, Luxury Model     Cuff link styles have a number of variations. Double-faced cufflinks have similar-sized faces which are connected by a small chain or metal bar; these are suited for formal wedding ceremonies. Snap-on cufflinks have separate faces that can click in together; while they are suited for thin cuffs that may come apart easily. Push-through cufflinks have small rounded ends that can be pushed through the shirt cuffs, and connected onto the main face by a curved metallic bar; these look stylish but may slide back every now and then. Hinged cufflinks have a bar that is latched onto a hidden swiveling fixture in the cufflink that can be turned to align with the post when it is pushed through the shirt cuffs. It is closed at an angle so the cufflink does not fall out.

Cufflinks as anniversary presents

Elite & Luck Luxury Gemstone Sterling Silver Cufflinks are the romantic gifts for him     If your anniversary is right around the corner and you're looking for some romantic gifts for him, cufflinks are a good pick. Round cufflinks are a versatile pick and can be worn even after the wedding with casual or formal outfits. You can even choose cufflinks in other geometrical patterns. Geometric patterned cufflinks especially sit well with embedded gemstones. Another reason why gemstone cufflinks are great anniversary presents is that mime their ring counterparts in symbolizing commitment.

     Elite & Luck offers an extensive collection of gemstone cufflinks that range from Blue lace agate cufflinks to Lemon quartz cufflinks, rose quartz, smoky quartz and more. You can add a personal touch to them by choosing cufflinks with a gemstone and a matching zodiac, to make it more special.

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