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Elite Your Look, Desire Your Luck

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Elite & Luck Cufflinks : Elite Your Look, Desire Your Luck
     If you've been looking at cufflinks as merely sleeve-fastening accessories, you may want to think again. Elite & Luck gemstone cufflinks go a step further than traditional cufflinks in assisting you in your everyday life, being more than just a stylish accessory that holds your shirt cuffs back.

a business magnate who is heading over to a formal event     Elite & Luck luxury gemstone cufflinks have been designed to introduce positive modalities into the wearer's life in the form of luck, harmony, protection, recognition and power. The cufflinks make for a sophisticated addition to any outfit whether you're a business magnate who is heading over to a formal event, or a corporate executive who's going to an evening party. These cufflinks stay true to our slogan – “Elite your look, desire your Luck”, as they bring in luck to your favor while giving you an elite demeanor from your style of dressing, making them a formidable accessory for anyone to add to their wardrobe.

What can gemstone cufflinks do for you?

Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold plated, Classic Model     The gemstone powers in Elite & Luck cufflinks vary with the gemstone that is embedded in them. These cufflinks are an embodiment of the phrase “Dress for success”, as they not only give you an image of being successful, but also draw in the aura and energy required to have it come into fruition. If you're looking for cufflinks that have specific targeted effects you can look through the designer cufflinks collection by Elite & Luck. From bringing harmony and stability, to assisting you in business ventures, bringing you fame and recognition, to protecting you from evil energies, each gemstone has a specific effect associated with it.

Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium plated, Elegant Model     For instance, cufflinks with an amethyst gemstone are known to enhance your intuitive powers, meaning they would be a good choice for someone who's at the brink of making an important corporate deal or life decision. For those who are looking for a pinch of luck in their daily life, Kyanite or Lapis Lazuli cufflinks are a good wear. Similarly, blue gems have healing modalities take effect on the wearer, making them ideal for those suffering from illnesses. Gold-plated cufflinks are well-suited for individuals who are looking to bring in some prosperity into their lives, while agate cufflinks help wearers reach a calm and composed state of mind weeding out any anxiety, sorrow or restlessness in the process.

Black Rutile Quartz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium & 18K Yellow Gold plated, Luxury Model     Black onyx can help individuals who are going through a difficult phase in their life, as the gemstone eliminates negative aura, so that your efforts pay off. Say your business is still in its budding stages and you've just launched your brand in the market, wearing a pair of Black Rutile Quartz gemstone cufflinks is advised as it can bring your brand the recognition it needs to make a mark.

How do zodiac gemstone cufflinks work?

Select Gemstone Cufflinks for your Zodiac Sign

Amethyst Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rose Gold plated, Classic Model     Zodiac specific gemstone cufflinks are a favorite among Elite & Luck customers. For many centuries now, astrologers have believed that gemstones have mystic powers infused in them, that come to the fore when in contact with people from the same zodiac. Planetary positions and the time of birth have been predicted to have a close link to each other by many astrologers. Similarly, precious and semi-precious stones are believed to react to constellations' vibrations, thereby making gemstones respond to only people from certain zodiacs.

Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold & Rhodium plated, Limited Model     Birth stones and zodiac-specific stones that are found to unleash their positive effects on the wearer, have been sported in various forms of jewelry and accessories, cufflinks being one of them. Since theses gemstones only respond to certain planetary vibrations, they can only conduct its energies when in contact with a person from the zodiac corresponding to the planetary alignment. Amethyst for Aquarians and Lapis Lazuli for Taureans, the effects of these gemstones can be leveraged to achieve personal goals by individuals.

The best gifts for men - Gemstone Cufflinks

Elite & Luck Luxury Gemstone Sterling Silver Cufflinks are the classy presents for men     If you're talking about classy presents for men, for any occasion, cufflinks know how to do it right. Cufflinks were first worn by men in the 14th century, and their versatility has maintained them as stylish accessories to this day. This is exactly what makes them a popular choice for gifts! While we're on the topic of choosing cufflinks as presents, you must understand that choosing them right is also equally important. A basic rule that you want to follow is to pick cufflinks with gemstones that match well with the color tones of outfits that are usually worn by the person. You can pick them based on suit or necktie color themes as you please. It isn't uncommon to pair cufflinks with watches as well. You can gift cufflinks that are in the same shape as the watch dial, or pair them with gemstones that are the same color as the watch dial.

Elite & Luck Gemstone Sterling Silver Cufflinks for Men, Classic Model     If your husband or boyfriend's birthday is lined up, you could consider gifting them cufflinks personalized to their zodiac sign from the zodiac model collection. Or say, your dad's birthday is right around the corner, how about gifting a pair of snazzy cufflinks with a retro design or patterns from our classic model collection, so he can wear them everyday? Anniversaries are another popular occasion when cufflinks make good gifts; their symbolism of commitment and stylish quotient make them a natural choice for anniversary presents among many women.

Give Elite & Luck cufflinks to men for surprise reason     Sometimes, grooms are gifted cufflinks by their fathers-in-law or fathers as a tradition, prior to the wedding, as a talisman that they can pass onto their sons in the following generations. It isn't uncommon to gift cufflinks to the groomsmen as well, and it is a popular tradition in many weddings. Sometimes, a promotion is considered as an occasion worthy of gifting someone cufflinks, as a reward for climbing up the career ladder, and also a means for them to dress the part. If your son is graduating soon, you can present him cufflinks as a token of appreciation, lauding his efforts. If you ask us, you don't really need an occasion to give your loved ones cufflinks, you can do it anytime!

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