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Romantic Ways to Surprise Him With Your Present

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Parkpoom Pakvisal

Romantic Ways to Surprise Him With Your Present
Elite and Luck Luxury Cufflinks     When you have taken the effort and time to pick out the perfect gift for your man, it isn’t enough if you just hand it over. Let’s say you have purchased Elite and Luck Luxury Cufflinks for your loved one and can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens it. While he remains oblivious, your anticipation will keep building till the moment of delight and surprise.
     If you want to hit a home run, do not settle for presenting it without the appropriate fanfare. You can play around with the big reveal, without expending too much effort. Plus, he will have a great story to tell every time he showcases your romantic gift for him.
Elite & Luck Cufflinks is a romantic gift for him.     Anybody can make reservations for dinner and tip the waiter to deliver a gift wrapped box over candlelight and dessert. Even surprise parties follow standard procedures. But it is possible to elevate the act of giving and receiving gifts into an experience itself. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

The unexpected delivery person 1. The unexpected delivery person
There is a good chance that the recipient is already expecting to receive a gift from you for some upcoming occasion. You need to introduce the element of confusion, which is essential to pull off a happy surprise. Find someone who he will never expect a gift from – a small child, a trained pet or a neighbor who pretends he got your delivery by mistake. Just have them approach your loved one and say “This is for you”. They would not be expecting a luxury cufflink, which would make the gift all the more sweet.

Fake packaging2. Fake packaging
A little choice subterfuge will go a long way, especially if you have been famous for unsuccessful gifts in the past. Use a utilitarian, mundane box – like cleaning products, office supplies, or hardware tools. When he looks incredulous that you would get something like that as a gift and opens the box to find an Elite and Luck Gemstone Cufflinks, it will work like a charm.

Unexpected discovery3. Unexpected discovery
Instead of presenting the gift to your man, let him stumble upon it. Whether you wrap it or not, put it in a place which he crosses every day, like the medicine cabinet, briefcase or cereal box. You can also try the bicycle helmet or his shoe, something you know for sure he’ll put on before he leaves the house. But to pull this off successfully, you need to make sure that the location fits into his regular routine and does not vary every day so that he will be gobsmacked when he stumbles upon it. Just make sure that you do not hide it so well that it gets lost or overlooked.

Special place4. Special place
Think about places that have a special meaning for your relationship. A memory-packed spot can really set the right mood when you spring the surprise upon him. The spot need not be fraught with importance – it could be the fast food joint where you had your first kiss. You can also bundle it with another activity he really likes. For instance, you can take him out to a concert you have been meaning to go to for a long time and surprise him with your gift there.

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