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Lemon Quartz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium plated, Classic Model

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“Create harmony and smooth journey to the ultimate success”

     Lemon Quartz is known for its abilities to create a harmonious energy flow within mind and body, and bring wisdom and faith. The yellow color symbolizes optimism, well-being, and creativity. The gemstone is believed to bring new ideas, business opportunity, achievement, and fortune.
     It also helps strengthen memory and eliminate stress, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression giving the wearer calmness and balance. It is a beautiful gemstone with the power that brings calmness, balance, happiness, and success to the wearer.
     The cufflinks are made of Rhodium plated over Sterling Silver feature only the highest quality materials. We use only the finest quality natural gemstones. The shape and faceting arrangement of cufflinks are specifically designed to maximize the brilliance and fire of the gemstones.

Note: These are natural gemstones and may contain inclusions, internal fractures, or other small imperfections that do not affect the integrity of the gemstones. The actual color of cufflinks and gemstones may be slightly different from the picture shown due to different lighting effect and computer screen.

Product Code :
9001062 : Lemon Quartz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium plated, Classic Model
Size : 16.5 x 20.0 mm.

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