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Golden Rutile Quartz + White Topaz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold & Rhodium plated, Royal Model

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“Enhance prosperity and good fortune + Reinforce charm to be loved by everyone”
*** Combine 2 Gemstone Powers to double your LUCK ***

     Fleur-de-lis is a symbol, depicting a stylized Lily Flower, has many meanings. Traditionally, it has been used to represent French royalty, and in that sense it is said to signify perfection, light, and life. Legend has it that an angel presented Clovis, the Merovingian king of the Franks, with a golden lily as a symbol of his purification upon his conversion to Christianity. Others claim that Clovis adopted the symbol when water lilies showed him how to safely cross a river and thus succeed in battle.
      Golden Rutile Quartz is best known for its abilities to generate wealth and prosperity mindset, shield negative energy, and amplify the human aura. The Golden Rutile in the gemstone is believed to have a power that can illuminate the soul's spiritual path and give courage to move beyond self-imposed boundaries and reach for success.
      Golden Rutile Quartz is popular among collectors because it is not only beautiful but it also has unique properties responsible for beneficial effects such as bringing wealth and good fortune as well as preventing the wearer from negative energy, accidents, and illness.

      White Topaz is a distinct gemstone that enhances charm to its owner in order to be loved by everyone. It symbolizes friendship, love, hope and happiness and leads to life progress and achievement. It’s also has a strong power of protection. The Egyptians believe that Ra the God of Sun created Topaz. Therefore it has apotropaic power. While the Romans believe that Topaz is associated with Helios the God of Sun as well. For this reason, it’s considered as a beautiful and valuable gemstone that brings luck to its owner.
      The cufflinks are made of 18K Yellow Gold and Rhodium plated over Sterling Silver feature only the highest quality materials. We use only the finest quality natural gemstones. The shape and faceting arrangement of cufflinks are specifically designed to maximize the brilliance and fire of the gemstones.

Note: These are natural gemstones and may contain inclusions, internal fractures, or other small imperfections that do not affect the integrity of the gemstones. The actual color of cufflinks and gemstones may be slightly different from the picture shown due to different lighting effect and computer screen.

Product Code :
901101/31/1/2-1 : Golden Rutile Quartz + White Topaz Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold & Rhodium plated, Royal Model
Size : 19.5 x 19.5 mm.

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