Diamond + White Agate Sterling Silver Cufflinks for men | Elite & Luck - Luxury Gemstone Sterling Silver Cufflinks for Men

Diamond + White Agate Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold plated, Lucky Model

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Bring Courage, Confidence, Wealth, and True love + Bring treasure and wealth
*** Combine 2 Gemstone Powers to double your LUCK ***

     Diamond is known as the “King of gems” due to its utmost beauty, purity, rarity and strength. Thus, it is used as a marriage symbol to represent perfection, loyalty, and eternal love.
      The gemstone is believed to have a power that brings courage, self-confidence, and emotional stability helping its wearer to overcome challenges in life. It also helps acquire wealth and purify the mind, body and soul by absorbing anxiety, depression and frustration. Moreover, it can be used as a protection stone or talisman to protect against evil and bring good luck.
      White Agate is known for its abilities to attract good fortune and bring treasure and wealth by creating an irresistible energy of will power and persistence as well as eliminating negative energies and emotions. White is the color of perfection and symbolizes purity, innocence, truth, and goodness.
It is also known as a good luck gemstone. Moreover, it can be used as a protection gemstone or talisman to protect the wearer from bad dreams, stress, negative emotions, and all dangers. It is a beautiful gemstone with the power that brings luck, treasure, and wealth, making it a beneficial gemstone for investors and entrepreneurs.
      Four-leaf Clover is a symbol of “Good Luck”. According to legend, in each leaf has a meaning. The first leaf symbolizes for Hope, the second is for Faith, the third is for Love, and the fourth is for Luck.
      The cufflinks are made of 18K Yellow Gold plated over Sterling Silver feature only the highest quality materials. We use only the finest quality natural gemstones. The shape and faceting arrangement of cufflinks are specifically designed to maximize the brilliance and fire of the gemstones.

Note: These are natural gemstones and may contain inclusions, internal fractures, or other small imperfections that do not affect the integrity of the gemstones. The actual color of cufflinks and gemstones may be slightly different from the picture shown due to different lighting effect and computer screen.

Product Code :
900619/101 : Diamond + White Agate Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 18K Yellow Gold plated, Lucky Model
Size : 17.3 x 17.3 mm.
Gemstones Weight : Diamonds 0.04 cts.

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