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Gibeon Meteorite Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium & 18K Yellow Gold plated, Galaxy Model

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The universe’s energy that brings success

     Gibeon Meteorite is best known for its abilities to encourage strength and confident to reach out for glory and success. It assists with actualization of the purpose of our presence on this planet. Many cultures consider the meteorite to be sacred and are considered to have supernatural powers. It represents the energy of other worlds and allows for the access of this special energy to the wearer. Moreover, it can be used as a protection stone or talisman to protect the wearer from black magic, evil spirits, and all dangers.
     The Gibeon meteorite entered our atmosphere at around 30,000 years ago. It exploded high in the atmosphere showering fragments over a large region of Namibia, Africa. Prior to this, the meteorite had traveled through space for over four billion years before it fell to earth. It is derived from the core of an extinct planet that was blown apart billions of years ago during the formation of our solar system. The beautiful crystalline patterns within Gibeon meteorites are known as “Widmanstatten patterns”, and are unique to meteorites. These patterns can only form over millions of years of cooling. It has been estimated that it took about 1000 years for these molten pieces of planetary core to cool by just 1 degree Celsius!
     The cufflinks are made of Rhodium and 18K Yellow Gold plated over Sterling Silver feature only the highest quality materials. We use only the finest quality meteorites.
Note: These are natural meteorites and may contain inclusions, internal fractures, or other small imperfections that do not affect the integrity of the meteorites. The actual color of cufflinks and meteorites may be slightly different from the picture shown due to different lighting effect and computer screen.

Product Code :
9G01172/1 : Gibeon Meteorite Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Rhodium & 18K Yellow Gold plated, Galaxy Model
Size  : 13.3 x 13.3 mm.

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